German potato soup is a dinner classic. It is super simple, healthy, and delicious. One of my favorite dishes on cold days!

Another favorite is this chili oil noodle recipe! The noodles are ready in 10 minutes and packed with flavor. Add your favorite veggies and enjoy!

Love chicken noodle soup? Then try this lemon chicken orzo soup! It is a simple one-pot dish that tastes amazing.

Or maybe you are the pasta dinner type? TikTok's viral baked feta pasta is one of the most hands-off recipes ever. Plus, it tastes incredible!

If you prefer cream-based sauces with your pasta, you have to try this cashew Cajun shrimp Alfredo recipe! The sauce is dairy-free and tastes just like Alfredo sauce.

Let's not forget about salmon. This honey sriracha glazed salmon is super simple and tasty! Serve with fluffy rice and your favorite vegetables.

This is one of those classics that always tastes great: beef chili. It is very easy, requires almost no vegetable chopping, and is incredibly flavorful!